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The brand Yamaha & especially its FG series is one the oldest & popular acoustic guitar series. In fact, at a point, Yamaha acoustic guitars were the most selling guitar in the world. FG series is one of the most popular series in Yamaha’s Acoustic guitar line. Thus, you can blindly trust the quality of the guitar.

Yamaha has improved & upscaled their manufacturing process of the FG series since the first guitar in the mid-sixties. In recent times, the guitar is built with years of experience & techniques. Their advanced robotic process makes the guitar free from any glitches & produces high-quality sounds.

Though the specs describe it as an entry-level guitar, designed for beginners, it proves to be much more.

The Body

Yamaha FG 380 is made up of solid Sitka spruce on the top. The back & sides are made up of Rosewood. This gives a look & feel of an expensive guitar from a closer view. It has the standard Jumbo or dreadnought shape, which happens to be the most popular body form. It has a scale length of 25 inches.

The Neck

The neck & its components are quite comfortable. It is exceptionally smooth, considering the price range of the guitar. The fret board is made up of Rosewood & has a radius of 400mm.

F830 neck

The guitar has die-cast tuners & the bridge is also made up of Rosewood. Though the bridge is not one of the best in the market, Yamaha makes the job done quite well. The nut & the saddle are made of urea, similar to the other FG series guitars.

The one thing that makes Yamaha acoustic guitars stand out among other guitars is the bracing of the body. It is specially designed using Yamaha’s unique software. This software helps to figure out which bracing pattern will work the best, based on the dimensions & material of the guitar.

However, we should keep in mind that the guitar is designed & created using machinery & not by manual craftmanship. This means that the guitar might need a bit of tweaking, once bought. A proper intonation & setup is something that is better done by manual craftsmanship rather than automated machinery. You might have to pay a visit to your local guitar shop for a proper setup.


FG 380 is one of the affordable guitars available in the market. It might even look the same to some extent. However, when the sound of the guitar is considered, it is nowhere cheap. It produces excellent sound.

Though most of its sound is that of a typical jumbo guitar, it still has that rich quality core tone. This rich quality tone producing a bright sound is mainly due to the over toning done by Yamaha. The sound projection is also very promising. Though most people were concerned with the sustain of the guitar, I personally felt it was quite good. It also has a tremendous sonic impact, which is considered one of the most crucial aspects of an acoustic guitar.

 Overall, the guitar is undoubtedly a deal-breaker at this price range

Bottom Note

Considering the time that the FG series has been around, it can be safely said that Yamaha has added another great successor in the family. They have managed to give an entry-level guitar a whole new angle using the advance technology.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional looking for a cheaper guitar instead of the tier A guitars, look no more. FG 380 will not disappoint you in any way, especially for the price you would be paying.

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