Yamaha FG 800 Acoustic Guitar Review

Yamaha FG 800 Acoustic Guitar Review









Yet, another Yamaha’s acoustic model with the classic & straightforward design, having traditional looks & a mighty tone. Moreover, the guitar costs below $300 & as we all know, finding an excellent guitar for $1000 is much easier than finding a productive one at a low price. Yamaha FG800 is a part of the long-running FG series from the Japanese brand & we are glad to do this review. FG series guitars are well known for the no-nonsense budget acoustic guitars, that puts performance as a priority.

Let us take a look at the various aspects of the guitar & understand why you should buy this guitar if you are an intermediate or a beginner.

The Body
Yamaha FG 800_ Body

Although Yamaha FG 800 does not have the extra aesthetic features like it’s expensive successors, yet it is a great looking guitar. It has a  scale length of 25 inches & features a non-cutaway dreadnought shaped body. The interior of the body has a Scalloped bracing. The top of the guitar is made from solid Sitka spruce, while the back & the sides are made from laminated nato.


The body is very comfortable to hold & feels exceptionally well built, which is generally not the case for acoustic guitars in this budget range.

The Neck

Yamaha FG 800 features a matt finished nato neck. The fingerboard is made from classic Rosewood & consists of 20 frets. This guitar misses a cutaway & the neck is joined with the body at the 14th fret. The neck offers comfortable playability & the matt look of the neck complements the glossy body.

Yamaha FG 800_Neck
Yamaha FG 800_ Hardware

Yamaha FG 800 features the same hardware as that of its successor FG 830. Right hardware enhances the tone, playability, reliability, consistency & dependency of an acoustic guitar. And, here we are getting some of the best hardware.

The headstock of the guitar features a set of sealed chrome die cast tuners, which does a great job in holding the tune of the acoustic guitars. The bridge is made of Rosewood, while the nut & saddle are from urea. The body also features a faux tortoiseshell pick guard to protect the body from unwanted scratches. The minimalistic yet productive approach of the hardware does contribute to the powerful sound that the guitar produces.


The sound offered by FG 800 is one of the best sounds, you will find in this budget range.  It is mighty, loud & very resonant. This superior quality sound is mainly due to the dreadnought shape, combined with the scalloped bracing.

Although, compared to its successor FG830, this guitar has a lighter tone, yet the sound produced is delightful & has enough warmth. In fact, the sound has a perfect balance of the warmth & brightness in the tone.  The sound projection is also good due to the dreadnought shape of the body.

Bottom Note

You don’t need to spend much time to fall in love with FG 800. Five to ten minutes with the guitar should be enough to fall for it. On a closer look, there may be some flaws in the fit  & finish. This is because these guitars are mass-produced at the factory. But, in general, the guitar & its sound would blow you away. If you are a complete-beginner & looking for a cheap guitar to start, this guitar should be a must-buy. The same goes for intermediate guitarists as well.

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