Yamaha APX600 Review

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Yamaha APX 600 is the newly added model in Yamaha’s Expansive acoustic guitar collection. This model is prevalent and has the legacy design of its predecessor, APX500III. With a thin body, great tone & intelligent features, the APX500III had topped the chart previously. Now, let us have a look at this model and its performance. Lets’ see if the successor can match the qualities of its predecessor.

The Body

Yamaha has kept the same design as that of APX500III. The body & system is precisely the same. Hence the body is thin, which offers a  more comfortable playing experience and retains the same body shape & design.

However, this model’s scale length has  reduced to 25 inches from 26 inches in the predecessor. The string spacing has also reduced than that of the previous model. Both changes enhance the playability of the guitar

The material used for the guitar is also the same as the previous model. The top is made from spruce, while the back & sides are made from eastern mahogany. The body has an overall gloss finish. Also, an upgrade is provided in the aesthetics department by changing the sound hole rosette to a genuine abalone unit instead of the cheap plastic one of APX500III. The body features a beautiful cutaway.

The Neck

The neck is made from the same eastern mahogany & has a matte finish. It features a rosewood fretboard, containing 22 frets, which are easily accessible due to the cutaway. The fingerboard has a maximum radius of 15 ¾ inches.

neck_AX 600
Fender CC-60SCE_Hardware

The APX 600 is an electro-acoustic guitar, the same as that of APX 500 III.  The guitar features Yamaha’s self-designed piezo pickup system. The pre-amp provided has good flexibility & is powered with the help of a solid AA-battery. It provides a 3-band equalizer control. A volume control knob is provided along with a mid-range frequency controller. The guitar is also equipped with an onboard tuner, which comes in very handy & is extremely useful.

Now coming to the acoustic hardware, they are almost the same as that in APX 500 III. The guitar features urea made nut & saddle. The bridge is made of rosewood & bridge pins are the usual Black ABS with white dots. The tuners on the headstock are also Yamaha’s regular chrome die-cast tuners. The components do a decent job, yet there is nothing spectacular about it.


The APX 600 provides the same big sound for a thin body. The lows on this guitar are pretty good. The sound has a fantastic projection & the oomph & fullness is better than its predecessors. It is mainly due to the advanced bracing pattern adopted by Yamaha. The machine designed bracing helps to maintain an excellent low even for a slim body.

The sound through the amplifier is as good as that of the acoustic. There is enough clarity in the sound & the flexible controls provided by the pre-amp system helps to enhance the sound experience. Though there is some piezo quack present in the sound, overall, it is a solid performer.

Bottom Note

This guitar is ideal for beginners, mainly due to the smaller size. This guitar is also suitable for those players who are moving to acoustic guitar from an electric guitar.

The APX 600 is a great electro-acoustic guitar with practical size efficiency. In fact, it is one of the best in the Yamaha Acoustic Guitar lineup. This guitar has something for everybody. This guitar retains everything we loved in its predecessors yet having immense improvement in the sound department.

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