Why Music Theory is Important

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Learning music theory & understanding music are essential skills to set a strong foundation for any musician learning any instrument. Most of the newbies, wanting to learn guitar or any other musical instrument, skip or procrastinate this part, thinking that it is either tedious or not necessary. However, without music theory, your skills of playing the musical instrument is bound to be limited & I assure you,  the limit would at a significantly lower end.

Now to answer the most crucial question.

Why should you learn Music theory?

Music theory sets the base of a musician. Learning Music theory would firstly make you understand the structure of the song. There may be a song you are learning, playing, or even planning to learn. Learning Music theory would make you understand the structure and components of the song. Knowing these would make it significantly more comfortable for you to memorize the song & also play other songs having the same form or features easily.

Secondly, if you learn to play music, you are bound to interact with other musicians at some part of your journey. Music theory would be the universal language with which you can communicate with other musicians. Irrespective of what instrument you play, the descriptions &  terminologies are the same universally.

So learning music theory will make only make you a learned musician, but it will also help you communicate better, express better & even understand your music better.

There is also another essential skill, which cannot be learned without knowing music theory. There will be a point when you would want to improvise your music. Without knowing proper musical syntax(chords, keys, Scales), it will be quite challenging to improvise your music. Even if you do, the quality of the song won’t be that good compared to what you may have improvised if you knew music theory.

Boost your Performance Skills with Music Theory

Learning music theory will undoubtedly have a significant effect on your performance. Firstly, by learning music theory, you will be able to read music, which, in fact, will allow you to learn & play more songs. Once you know how to read music, even the sky is not the limit. All those excellent scores composed by the most significant composers will be in front of you on paper or screen. You will play accordingly & with time, master the piece.

Secondly, as a performer, you need to memorize your music. Once you have learned to read music, remembering a song is easy. Other than just reading, music theory helps you to understand the structure & elements in the songs. With the help of music theory, you can break a piece into various parts & components. Memorizing a song like this will definitely help you enhance your performance.

Bottom Note

 Consider yourself speaking a foreign language. You have memorized some words or sentences. You keep saying the same words or sentences again & again because you have not learned the language, neither do you understand it. The same goes for music.

If you have decided to learn or have started learning music, Music theory is a must for you. Once you understand the theory, music will become cooler & playing would be way more fun.

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