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Some of us are already aware of the quality that Taylor acoustic guitars provide. But, expensive price tags & bulky electronics is not something that we recommend beginners to start with. However, Taylor  Academy 12e is one of those guitars we could not exclude from our review list.

This guitar is part of the Academy series of the iconic brand. It has been designed to give a premium experience to beginners at an affordable price. You cannot avoid this mouth-watering guitar if your pocket permits the budget range. Let’s check out the part by part review of this excellent, uber-stylish guitar.

Neck & Body
Body _ taylor Academy 12e


Taylor A12e acoustic guitar is a stylish 24.87-inch scale length grand acoustic guitar. The design is exceptionally brief, similar to Taylor’s signature models, for a comfortable hold. This design is done without compromising the durability of the instrument.

It is made from a quality, sturdy Sapele laminate around the back & sides, and a pretty solid Sitka spruce top. Thus, the guitar is ideal for everyday use & can be categorized as ‘not too precious.’ Being a beginner, it is a must for the first guitar to be sturdy as there will be a lot of wear & tear on the instrument due to daily practice.

As a beginner’s guitar exceeding $500, we expect a flawless playing experience. Well, the matte coated Sapele neck provides that without even a second doubt. The neck consists of a genuine African ebony fret board, containing 20 frets. 

Neck_taylor Academy 12 e

Irrespective of what it costs, the guitar provides an excellent playing experience. The neck feels smooth, comfortable & lightweight. There can be no fault in the craftsmanship. Even though this guitar is one of the entry-level models, it is far more superior than the other beginner-friendly guitars.


Along with the fantastic design, the guitar also comes with a power-packed all-round impressive hardware. Though we are not keen on the electronics part, we cannot ignore the preamp & pickup on this baby. The preamp is extremely beginner-friendly. It consists of a volume knob & a tone knob, instead of a complete complicated equalizer.

Hardware_taylor Academy 12 e


The pickup is extraordinarily useful & produces unbelievable tones. All over this combined preamp & pickup encourages beginners to improve their skills- imagining performing on this baby.

The guitar is also provided with a compulsory built-in digital tuner, which helps a beginner to keep their guitar in-tune. However, the guitar is also equipped with a set of awesome chrome tuning machines on the head stock.  This means usage of the tuner will be relatively less as the guitar string will retain it’s tuning.

The A12e is provided with a good ebony bridge. It also comes with a micarta nut &
saddle, and a set of Elixir strings. A Taylor padded gig bag is also provided.
It protects the guitar & looks pretty cool too.


Taylor acoustic guitars are known for their sound quality & this guitar is no exception. The solid spruce and Sapele combination produces a bright & vibrant sound. It also has a balanced tone, which sounds really well. The sound has that warmth & sparkle in a proportional amount, making them extremely pleasing for the ears. It has a robust acoustic projection.


Though the pickup provided with this guitar cannot be classified as top-notch, still it is pretty decent & it is always worth plugging in to play your newly learned scores. The preamp is extremely simple to use & the changes in the preamp reflect quite well in the output sound.

Bottom Note

The Taylor Academy A12e is an entry-level model.  However, it gives tough competition to most of the high-end guitars of other brands & other Taylor Acoustic Guitars, as well. The hefty price tag confirms it as well. However, it can be clearly understood that a part of the price is due to the brand name that comes with the guitar.

However, this guitar, to my humble opinion, is a value for money. Once you buy this guitar & start playing it, I assure you that you won’t feel ripped off. The light & compact design, along with the super comfortable playability, makes up for that small hole in your pocket

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