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Epiphone EJ-200SCE Review

Overall  4.9/5 Built  5/5 Sound  4.9/5 Playability  4.9/5 Out of all the acoustic guitars ever made in guitars’ history, Gibson J-200 has been one of the most iconic guitars ever made. Release in the 1930s, Gibson… Read More »Epiphone EJ-200SCE Review

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Fender CC-60 SCE Review

Overall  4.5/5 Built  4.5/5 Sound  4.2/5 Playability  4.8/5 When guitars are concerned, Fender always stands out in terms of quality & trust. The California company has a wide range of acoustic & electric guitars. They have… Read More »Fender CC-60 SCE Review

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Epiphone DR-100 Reveiw

Overall  4.8/5 Built  4.8/5 Sound  5/5 Playability  4.8/5 Gone are those days when Epiphone was considered to be a cheap copy of Gibson. These days the brand has made its own name in guitar manufacturing, be… Read More »Epiphone DR-100 Reveiw

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Seagull S6 Review

Overall  4.8/5 Built  4.8/5 Sound  5/5 Playability  4.8/5 The S6 is one of the flagship models of the seagull acoustic guitar range. In fact, it one of the top guitars available under $500 & when we… Read More »Seagull S6 Review

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Yamaha FG830 Review

Overall  4.5/5 Built  4.5/5 Sound  4.5/5 Playability  4.5/5 The brand Yamaha & especially its FG series is one the oldest & popular acoustic guitar series. In fact, at a point, Yamaha acoustic guitars were the most… Read More »Yamaha FG830 Review

Taylor Academy 12e Review

Overall  4.5/5 Built  4.2/5 Sound  4.5/5 Playability  4.8/5 Some of us are already aware of the quality that Taylor acoustic guitars provide. But, expensive price tags & bulky electronics is not something that we recommend beginners… Read More »Taylor Academy 12e Review

Musical Notes

Every song or music piece you hear is a combination of various musical notes. To give a short definition,  notes are the name given to the different pitches associated with a specific audio frequency. According to western music, there are… Read More »Musical Notes