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The S6 is one of the flagship models of the seagull acoustic guitar range. In fact, it one of the top guitars available under $500 & when we say this, we have enough reason for the same. It has all the showoff qualities, which are generally expected from guitars of a higher range.  The guitar has premium quality solid wood, excellent tone quality & North American craftsmanship.  It is the best that a guitar can offer at this price range.

The Body

The S6 body has a unique style, with an advanced design though having that traditional touch of a classical guitar. It is has a simple yet charming look without the presence of any intricate decors. While most of the guitars attract guitarist with the abalone decors, this beast maintains the simplicity & yet stands out among all others.

The body has a scale length of 24.84 inches. It is made up of premium quality wood & has been assembled in Canada. The body is covered with pressure-tested solid cedar on the top & wild cherry at the back & sides. Finally, all of these are coated with light semi-gloss lacquer finish. Since the body resembles the pattern of a classical guitar, the body misses the cut. The guitar feels robust & extremely durable due to the skilled craftsmanship.

The Neck

Seagull S6 consists of a silver maple neck. The neck joins the body in the 14th fret.  It is capped with rosewood fretboard & consists of 21 frets. The neck has a light & sleek matte finish, making it extremely comfortable to play irrespective of the hand sizes.

Head stock_SeagullS6

This version of Seagull S6 is a pure acoustic guitar. The electro-acoustic version is available for a slightly higher price. However, this review will only cover acoustic hardware.

Seagull S6

On the top, it consists of the unique seagull headstock. The tuning machines are attached to it. They are specially aligned to keep the strings straight, as well as to retain it’s tunning.  They will generally feel a bit stiff in the beginning. However, it normalizes within a few days.

This guitar consists of a rosewood bridge, a tusq nut & a compensated saddle. No protective case or padded bag is provided with the guitar. However, the guitar itself is a great deal at this price point.


The sound is exceptionally good for a guitar of this price range. In fact, it can be well said that that it is almost impossible to find a guitar with a similar sound at this price point.

The guitar creates a beautiful sound & this is major because of the premium quality wood & the Seagull’s solid craftsmanship. It has a rich & warm tone, but, surprisingly, the sound is also very bright due to the cedar top. The sound produced is also very load & clear due to the beasty body. The sustain is also awesome as it lingers on & on.

Bottom Note

If you have read the post till here, you must have understood that we are a  great fan of the S6  seagull acoustic guitar. It is majorly due to the premium built quality, excellent choice of woods & Seagull’s skilled craftsmanship.

This guitar is highly recommended to all guitarists, from beginners to professionals. A guitar of this quality at such a pricepoint is a rare deal.

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