Fender CD-60 Acoustic Guitar Reveiw

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Fender is known for all the legendary guitars that they have produced over all these years. These include some of the most popular acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass guitars & also other stringed instruments like the ukulele. They are well known for producing some of the best entry-level guitars like FA-100, as well as high-end premium Stratocasters. Today, we are going to take a look at the Fender CD-60.

This guitar has the classic body aesthetics of Fender & though it may not replace your premium guitars, it can be used as your daily go-to guitar due to the decent sound quality. Let us now see what this guitar actually offers us.

The Body
Fender CD-60_Body

The Fender CD-60 features a dreadnaught sized body featuring the Fender’s classic design. It has a  scale length of 25.3 inches. The top of the body is made from laminated spruce, while the back and sides are made from laminated mahogany. Fender gives its classy gloss look all over the body, which is surprisingly quite tough & can absorb some minor bumps.

The interior of the body features a  scalloped X bracing & a multi-ABS soundhole rosette. Over-all the guitar has a solid built, especially a flawless interior. This guitar features many quality features that are generally not expected from guitars of this price range.

The Neck

Fender CD-60 features a rosewood fingerboard consisting of 20 frets with the usual white dotted inlaying over the fretboard. It has a radius of 300mm.


Fender CD-60_neck

The guitar feels very comfortable to play on & is total bliss for the fingers. This makes this guitar very beginner-friendly. This guitar is also great for playing leads as bending movements like pull-offs becomes extremely easy to play. This guitar is also great for guitarists who like to do many finger tricks over the fretboard.

Fender CD-60_Hardware

 Fender CD-60 is a pure acoustic guitar without the presence of any electronic components. The bridge is made of walnut, featuring white bridge pins with white dots. These pins are quite sturdy & require quite an effort to pull out for the first time. The headstock flaunts an engraved golden Fender logo. It has the standard chrome die-cast tuners, which does a great job maintaining the instrument’s tune. A black pickguard is also attached to the body to protect it from unwanted scratches over the body.


Now, the most crucial part. Well, to be honest, Fender did not do a  great job in the sound department. The sound production is relatively thin. The projection of the sound is also not that great. The sound mainly misses the lows & the mids. Therefore, the sound often feels very tinny or scratchy, mainly due to its unbalanced treble.

There is also a major missing on the sustain part. This can also be an advantage for some, as controlling the guitar sound becomes extremely easy.

Bottom Note

As said earlier, Fender CD-60 should not be confused with high end guitars from Martin or Taylor. This guitar does much more than its price range. This guitar is a perfect fit for grown-up beginners due to it’s easy & comfortable playability. The easy control over the sound & the price also fits perfectly for the beginners.

If you are a beginner & you are looking for a guitar, this guitar can actually help you grow your skills in the right direction. Learning guitar may even become a bit easier if you are choosing this.

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