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When guitars are concerned, Fender always stands out in terms of quality & trust. The California company has a wide range of acoustic & electric guitars. They have been producing guitars for more than sixty years. Fender acoustic guitars have always shown the experience & knowledge that the company holds in their craftsmanship. Needless to say, they do have some of the best guitars out in the market.

Today we are going to review the 2017 released fender CC-60SCE. Fender designed this guitar to provide the beginners with a comfortable playing electro-acoustic guitar within an affordable range. This guitar is the perfect blend of classical & modern guitar. In fact, the first C in CC-60 stands for classical. Now let us give a closer look at the various parts of the guitar & what they provide.

The Body
Fender CC-60SCE_body

Fender CC-60SCE provides a concert-size body & has a scale length off 25.4 inches.  The concert size makes it perfect for players looking for a compact design so that playing becomes more manageable. Concert size always has an advantage over dreadnought bodies when it comes to size management & Fender acoustic guitars master in these shapes.

The guitar consists of a solid spruce top, which, of course, is considered to be the gold standard for acoustic guitars. This helps in producing a bright, loud & clear sound and creates a tremendous harmonic vibration.

The body is also available in black color. The backs & the sides are made up of mahogany. It also contains Fenders’ scalloped X-bracing inside the body.

The Neck

The neck features a rosewood fret board having 21 frets. The neck also features Fender exclusive “Easy-to-play” shape, which is a blend of the thin, fast-playing modern neck shapes & traditional, fuller neck shapes.

Fender CC-60SCE_neck

The fret board is of a standard 12” radius. It also features a curved edge, which increases the comfort & playability of the instrument. The guitar has a cutaway for the ease of playing the lower frets

Fender CC-60SCE_Hardware

The CC-60’s main attraction is the preamp & the pickups. The guitar contains a piezo pickup & Fishman preamp with a pre-built equalizer.  The presence of these high-quality electronic components makes it an easy plug & play instrument. Players can immediately shift from an unplugged arrangement to a full amplifier output setup within seconds. The equalizer present in the preamp helps maintain the acoustic tone & the inbuilt tuner helps maintain the tonal stability. This guitar has the perfect setup for an instant ideal gig.

The guitar provides a walnut bridge, a compensated saddle & a plastic nut. The chrome die-cast tuners present in the head stock assures your stable tuning & intonation. This guitar has a strap peg on the upper bout of the body. However, there is no such feature available at the head stock end.


As said earlier, the first C in the CC-60SCE stands for Classic. So undoubtedly, this guitar produces some excellent traditional tones. The sound projection & articulation is crisp & clear. The lows are almost full sounding & the highs are bright. Once plugged in, the treble notes adds a punch to the whole sound.

 The compact body size makes it idle for fingerstyle traditional strumming & also modern styles. In fact, the guitar suits almost all styles of playing.

The guitar, when plugged in, maintains it’s acoustic flavor. This is majorly due to the piezo pickups & the excellent standards of the equalizer. Although the sound created is far from perfect, like most guitars in the price range. However, the guitar can be fantastic if played along with a band.

Bottom Note

Fender CC-60 SCE is an excellent choice for beginners & especially for someone looking for a traditional classical guitar. The conventional tone, along with the electronic presence, increases its’ versatility.

The playability is excellent & the comfort is above par. This makes it a perfect choice for beginners. The build quality is best & the durability can be assured. In fact, this instrument can last for years as you grow your skill with the instrument. Fender has managed to put together many features of it’s premium acoustic guitars in this low budget model, making it the best choice for beginners with a budget crunch.

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