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Gone are those days when Epiphone was considered to be a cheap copy of Gibson. These days the brand has made its own name in guitar manufacturing, be it electric or acoustic. Day by day, they are getting more close to Gibson in terms of quality & sale. Epiphone’s acoustic guitar has always been a popular product as they are available at an exceptionally cheap rate. The Epiphone DR-100 adds to the collection and has inherited all the standard features of Epiphone acoustic guitars.

Epiphone Dr-100 holds the tradition and is one of Epiphone’s most premium guitar at such an affordable rate.

The Body
Epiphone DR 100_ Hardware

Epiphone DR-100 is one of the most selling guitars due to the quality & design at such a rate. The guitar features a beautiful, dreadnought shape. The shape is similar to that of a classical guitar, and it misses a  cutaway.

The body has a scale length of 25.5 inches & is made from the combination of select spruce & mahogany. The top is made up of select spruce & the body is from mahogany. This is one of the most popular tone wood combinations in today’s market. The shape can be more precisely defined as Square shoulder Dreadnought. There is a gloss finish all around the guitar.

The Neck

Epiphone DR-100 features a  mahogany neck & the neck profile is Epiphone’s slim taper profile. Having a slim tapped neck over a standard neck allows you to play at a much higher speed. Though the design is thin, the grip is not compromised.

Epiphone DR 100_ Neck

The neck consists of 20 medium jumbo frets with doted inlays. It is glued to the body of the guitar using a dovetail joint. The neck’s overall build feels quite good, and the fact that Epiphone provided for the Slim tapped profile at such a cheap ranged guitar should be appreciated.


In terms of hardware, the Epiphone DR-100 provides nothing special. It is almost the same as those of other units in this price range.

Epiphone DR 100_ Body

The guitar consists of a standard rosewood bridge & synthetic nut of width 1.69 inches. The guitar features a  set of Die cast tuners on the head stock. Though Epiphone mentions the tuner machines to be of premium quality, they feel the same as the regular units. The guitar also consists of a black PVC pick guard & a 2-way adjustable truss rod. Two strap buttons are also provided on both sides.

Though the guitar should have a sorted intonation, out of the box.  However, a trip to the local guitar shop may be expected. Once set up accurately, the guitar produces a decent quality tone.


The sound produced from Epiphone DR-100 is far above the expected sound from a unit at this price range. For a classic dreadnought, the low-end response lacks a bit. However, the clarity of the tone in the mid & higher range makes up for this shortage.

This is one of the few guitars at this range,  which fits all styles of playing. It can also be played using a slide. Getting such a  guitar within $200 is totally worth it. Its features & price makes it a perfect guitar for the beginners.

Bottom Note

Epiphone  DR-100 is not a new model. It was released back in 2017, giving all it’s competitors a tough homework. To date, the guitar maintains that and is still domination the markets at this price range. Epiphone’s decent tonewood combination, experience & expertise together make this model stand out among all competitors. While the slim tapped profile is the cherry on the cake.

Whether you are a beginner searching for a budget-friendly guitar or a professional looking for a wood to practice. This guitar fits all requirements. We strongly recommend this guitar for beginners as it is a cheaper option. Secondly, it will adapt to any style of playing you choose in the future. This guitar will follow along your learning journey as you grow your skills.

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