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It takes minimal effort to find a good guitar for a higher budget range than to find a cheap guitar that performs efficiently. Today, we will take a peek at the most affordable guitar available at amazon and check if the guitar is worth it. Before we start, I must admit that this is the best acoustic guitar to buy if you are incredibly tight on the budget & want a cheap yet decent guitar.

This guitar comes from the house of Donner. It is a 3/4 size guitar that comes below $150 at amazon. It is not a normal-sized or a full-sized guitar. Instead, it is shorter in length & is intended for the younger guitarists. This guitar is great for kids who are learning guitar. Though that being the case, it is suitable for adults’ use, and the sound produced is also decent. So, why not? Let us take a closer look at the guitar.

The Body
Donner Guitar _Intro

Donner DAG-1 features a 3/4 sized dreadnought shaped body with a right-handed layout. The total length of the body is 36 inches and has a scale length of 23.23 inches. Though the guitar comes at a low price, it does not feel cheap at all.  The guitar’s top is made from solid African spruce, while the sides & backs are made from African mahogany. The interior of the guitar has scalloped bracing.

The design replicates that of a classical guitar & therefore misses a cut-away. The body has an overall glossy finish & feels great on hand.

The Neck

Donner DAG-1 features a ‘C’ shaped neck with an ebony fingerboard & a missing truss rod. There are 20 frets, with inlaid white dotted markings on the required frets. The slim taper design of the necks helps in easy playability & comfortable holding.

Donner Guitar _ Neck
Donner Guitar _ Hardware

Donner DAG-1 is a pure acoustic guitar, without any electronic part. Although the guitar has the usual, not-so-special hardware set, there is more to it

The headstock features the standard steel chrome die-cast tuners, which does a decent job holding the instrument’s tune. The string set bundled with the guitar features medium gauge higher strings & light gauge lower strings. This allows easy single note bendings & a comfortable playing experience. The material of the string is bronze for a crispier sound.

 Apart from this, many accessories are bundled with this guitar, which makes this a steal deal. This guitar bundle includes a gig bag, a guitar strap, a capo(for the effortless playing of non-root notes & chords), a Donner Dt-2 tuner, a polishing cloth & 4 guitar picks. This bundled package makes it a deal for someone who wants to learn guitar & is tight on the budget. This undoubtedly the best cheap acoustic guitar package available online.


Let us now look at the most awaited aspect of this guitar. Being a low budget guitar, we did not expect much in terms of sound. However, this guitar managed to surprise us with its sound. The sound produced is thunderous and crystal clear. The sound projection is also somewhat decent. The loud & clear sound is mainly due to the dreadnought shape combined with the scalloped bracing. For a guitar below $150, the sound seems to be outrageous.

Bottom Note

Donner’s DAG-1 guitar bundle is a steal for anyone who wants to start learning guitar from scratch. Though there are multiple questions regarding the instrument’s durability, looking at the price, sound & free hardware bundle, it is undoubtedly a steal deal. This guitar is also ideal for anyone who wants a cheap guitar for regular practice or someone who needs a cheap travel guitar.

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