Is it possible to Teach yourself Guitar?

can guitar be self learned?

Before starting the journey of learning guitar, almost every person has one question in their mind, can you teach yourself guitar

Getting an instructor to teach you guitar will no doubt guide you in the right way & also increase the speed of your learning curve. However, this option is not feasible for everyone due to a lot of reasons, the first being budget.

 Instructors don’t come cheap. Getting a lesson, even once a week for a half-hour, can cost you $30, which will further sum to more $120 per month. There may also be a problem with the schedule. The schedule of both you & your instructor has to match to get a practical lesson. It is always best to practice according to your own plan, which may be during the night or during the weekends or whenever you find the best. Such schedules are generally not suitable if you want to hire an instructor.

The simple answer to the question in the title is yes. You can always learn to play the guitar all by yourself, given the fact that you have access to the internet. Nowadays, the internet is flooded with resources, enough to teach yourself anything. The problem with Guitar resources is that there are too many of them, which creates confusion. However, if you get access to a systematic approach of guitar resources, you may actually learn guitar faster than having an instructor.

Has anyone self-learned guitar before?
has any one self learned guitar before

Yes, thousands of guitarists, if not more, including myself, are self-taught. Shredding the guitar is not a cakewalk.  It requires a lot of hard work, practice, dedication & the correct technique. Moreover, it’s a journey which you should enjoy. If you are determined to learn guitar, we are here to give you the proper resources & techniques.

 However, to be honest, there will be a time when you would actually be needing a personal instructor once you have reached the advanced stage of playing, which again will be an achievement by itself.

Is it hard to teach yourself guitar?

Learning some basic chords & then playing them along with some contemporary songs is easy. However, if you want to be a good guitarist & want your experience to reflect in your fingers, you have to learn proper techniques & know the instrument inside out.

If you continue to just play the chords, you will get stuck very soon. Very soon, you will have no more options except for just playing the same chords again & again in different rhythms.  This is the reason most of the new guitarists get burnt out before even completing a year of learning the guitar.

It will always be a better option to start up-front with the essential lessons like major scales, minor scales, note patterns, Chord-theory, pentatonic scales, power chords, music theories, etc. & also developing the proper techniques to play them.

If you continue to learn the above lessons regularly & start taking them seriously (the majority of failed guitarists don’t), within months, you would be able to pick up songs easily. Watching some random youtube tutorial videos is different & following our twelve frets’ free systematic resources is totally different. We aim to make you an Informed guitarist.

So the bottom note of this question would be, it is not hard to self learn guitar. Instead, it is hard to know what is the right technique to learn next. Most of the self-taught guitarists fail in the future as they stick to the easy chords without learning any other skills.

It is not at all hard

Fixing a Schedule

The best use of using an online tutorial without an instructor is that you can fit it to any of your schedules without any problem. You may want to learn guitar in the lunch breaks, after your classes, after you finish your job or after your kids’ sleep. The choice & options are in your hand.

However, I would recommend getting into a particular schedule. This will help you practice regularly as well as make the learning easy for you. In a week, you can assign an hour per day practicing chord progressions, basics, scales, learning new chords on different days, keeping the 10-15 mins of finger practice constant. You can play your favorite songs, new riffs & small melodies in between to keep yourself indulged

Fix a schedule

Bottom Note

Get a friend or make some new friends online from the guitar community & enhance your learning. You don’t need to be as good as them & still, you will be able to jam with them & that is the beauty of our music community. This will help you keep motivated & enjoy the process at the same time.

So, by now you must have got your answer to the question, how to self teach guitar. Learning guitar is fun & you have to enjoy the journey. All it takes is your time & determination. You have to experience the pain, failure, motivation, etc. & everything that comes in your way during the initial days. You have to overcome this to enjoy the final results. Lets start now, by knowing the parts of your guitar.

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